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Kenkre FC’s positive performance earned them a clean sheet and a point against sixth-placed Rajasthan United FC.

After a solid performance against Mohammedan SC, where the boys fell short by just a single goal, Kenkre FC entered the pitch with an aim to carry on that impressive performance.

Kenkre kicked off the game and was soon forced to go into defensive mode as Rajasthan United FC came out all guns blazing. Despite heavy attacks from opponents, Tenzin, and Co. remained strong and dealt with all those attacks with ease.

After the first quarter of the game and heavy defense, it was Kenkre’s turn to go into the attack. Kenkre won a corner in the 15th minute but it was easily cleared by the Rajasthan United defense.

The best chance of the first half came in the 21st minute. Akeraj made a darting run on his own in the opponent’s half against the run of play and took a shot that hit the woodwork.

In the 32nd minute, Lester took a shot from afar that went over the bar. In the 38th minute, Akeraj went all out for a 50-50 ball but Rajasthan United’s defense reacted swiftly and cleared the ball.

Just before the break, Tenzin was called into action again as he came out of his line and made a brilliant save to stop the opposition from scoring. The first half ended in a stalemate.

Rajasthan United started the second half again with a flurry of attacks but our top defensive performance continued. In the 57th minute, Tarif Akhand took a shot just outside Kenkre’s box. Our goalkeeper Tenzin calmly collected the ball.

In the 61st minute, Vijay with his pace and smart movement earned a free-kick just outside the Rajasthan United box, however, Lester’s attempted shot went wide of the target.

In the 76th minute, Aravindraj sent a beautiful through-ball into the final third. Akeraj made a defense penetrating run, but opposition goalkeeper Bhaskar Roy performed the duty of a sweeper-keeper as he came out of his own box to clear the ball.

In the 83rd minute, Rajasthan United went a man down as a red card was shown by the referee to Tarif Akhand, who took one for the team as he committed a tactical foul on a run-away Akeraj, who was through to the goal. This resulted in a free-kick which Vijay took but was saved by the opposition goalkeeper.

Nothing significant happened in the final moments of the game as it ended in a stalemate.

FT: Rajasthan United FC 0-0 Kenkre FC

March 25, 2022

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