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Best Football Club in Mumbai

Kenkre Football Club based in Mumbai, India is well-known for nurturing young players & coaches who have gone on to represent the State, University, and even the Country. Kenkre FC has been a pioneer in grassroots and youth football development in the city of Mumbai and is now well-known not just in Mumbai but also at the National level in view of players and coaches starting their careers with Kenkre FC, making their way to the national and international arena.


Vision & Mission

  • To identify, nurture and develop outstanding young footballers capable of representing the country and excelling both, on and off the field.
  • To inculcate an attitude of fair play and true sportsmanship in our students and instill a WINNING attitude in them!!
  • To continually benchmark ourselves against the best academies in the world


Kenkre Football Club was founded in 2000 under the patronage of former national level footballer and well-known football coach Mr. Adib Sinai Kenkre. His goal was to inspire children and  youth of Mumbai to play the beautiful game by inculcating in them his love and passion he shares for the game. Since his early coaching days at Don Bosco High School, Matunga, Sir Kenkre as he is fondly called realised the need to nurture talent and help them excel in their football and academic career. 

An idea brought through fruition and an initiative to promote football and provide a platform for talented players, the Club was thus formed and was believed to be the new crop of Indian football players, produced through an Academy structure. 

Kenkre FC and its famed Academy boasts of football teams with budding talent in age groups as young as Under 6 maturing to Under 18 as also the Senior Squad which competes in the I-League 2nd Division. The Club has also recently ventured into Women’s Football and now has a Women’s football team and is also in the process of setting up a girls youth teams.

Kenkre FC is a “community” centred Club. In addition to its I-League teams it focuses on promoting  local talented players so they are able to perform at the State, National and University levels. It consistently over the years promoted the beautiful game within the community and amongst children and youth in the city. This has been achieved through organizing tournaments, football festivals, competitive matches, football clinics and also tournaments with mixed participation of NGOS, clubs and academies across the city. 

The integration of football into communities helps in transforming Society at large and Kenkre FC is thus well-known in Mumbai as the pioneer Club in promoting football in the city and football talent at various levels.

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Years And Counting


Founder Sir Adib Sinai Kenkre has been actively involved in youth development and also associated with professional football in India, he aimed to develop the overall standard of football at the grassroot level so that India can continually generate quality football players who can compete and win at the international level.

 Sir Kenkre as he is fondly called felt the need to reach out to a larger audience and spread the sport amongst the children and youth of Mumbai. Therefore, in 2000, he founded Kenkre FC along with his former student Mr. Joshua Lewis who currently is the CEO at the club.

Shivaji Park ,Mumbai is known to be the cradle of Indian cricket. But Sir Kenkre decided that he would hold the first training session of his new-founded football club, Kenkre FC, at this ground, so with just nine players, he started-off  training.

He was later appointed as coach in Don Bosco High School, Matunga where he introduced football in the school curriculum for the first time. He continued his winning affairs when he moved to Bombay Scottish, Mahim where he coached the teams  leading to a cabinet full of trophies.

Sir Kenkre’s philosophy has always hinged on quality rather than quantity. 

“The best way to reach a family is through the mind of a child. Football was the agenda but the humane touch given to a child was the means to get him to football. It is more important to be a good human being than to be a good footballer.”

Kenkre FC today is a legacy created by an individual whose dream was to contribute to society through football as a medium and to inspire children and youth to play the beautiful game , beautifully.