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A successful academy has the potential to save a soccer club loads of money and Kenkre Football Club can proudly boast of being one of a few clubs with one such set-up in the country.



The training and development of young, home grown talent has always been the aim and objective of the Club. Undeniably, if a young potential is developed correctly, a football club’s need to engage in major transfer activity is limited. Thus, Kenkre FC’s drive towards financial self-sufficiency is directly linked to a successful Academy structure capable of producing young players of the highest quality.

Achieving this is no easy task. Therefore, Kenkre Football Academy focuses in recruiting only those young players with exceptional football potential, and a successful scouting network identifies the best available young talent in and around Mumbai. To be a part of the academy, all you need is total dedication, determination and a single-minded focus. Add to that, mental toughness, a burning will-to-win and the ability to shut out any distractions – and you are half way there.

The Academy provides an ideal learning environment, while simultaneously challenging these young recruits to elevate their game to a higher level. With a dedicated team of qualified and experienced staff, the coaching, fitness and administration personnel work closely together to ensure organisation of the highest standard. We aim to train the youth to play attractive and attacking football, and wish to keep up with the training and education imparted in the world’s top football clubs.

To help young athletes build confidence, fitness and fulfill their football dreams, we have created a quality training program that caters to each player’s goals and priorities. The players experience a unique level of training and coaching that is logically structured. Each player will have more opportunities to master various skills required to play the game efficiently and develop a greater appreciation for the game.

While focus on their football prowess is important, the academy acknowledges its responsibility to the all round development of the individual as well as to society. Therefore, the trainees are encouraged to remain grounded in their respective academic disciplines even as they develop their football talent – the reason being, in the event of not securing a professional contract at the club, they will be skilled enough to pursue any alternate profession.

Our Academies

Churchgate Academy

Napean Sea Road Academy

Dadar West Academy

Matunga Academy

Bandra Academy

Juhu Academy

Powai Academy

Palava Academy

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